What Better Way To Advertise Your Upcoming Charity Auction Than Through a Press Release?

Free press release distribution websites

Sometimes the media, the news outlets in particular, has trouble discerning what news should get priority. Did every news station in the world really need to be focused on the birth of a prince who is third in line for kingship? Did we really need to drop everything, including our own babies, just to wait for them to announce the name? Like I said, priorities. Sometimes we need to nudge the news in the right direction, to get them to report on things of actual substance.

That is where the press release comes in. Contrary to popular thought, a press release is not just for those roving reporters all over the world. Anyone can actually submit one, and when you do it on one of the free press release submission sites out there, you can be sure that everyone who knows where to look sees it, and that the news gets the most spread. Just a word of caution, if your news is not as important as something else happening at the time, it may not get picked up, but it is worth a shot.

One of the best things to be posting on the free press release submission sites is an event press release. Often you can find a location or city specific submission site, so that the news reporters in that area will know what is going on and what events will be happening. With that resource at your disposal, you just may see your event being discussed, or at least recognized, in newspapers all across your city. Often papers and television news programs will have events sections that you just may show up in.

If the submission site is free, and they pick up your event to post, it is free advertisement. And the news can reach groups of people who could not be reached by other means of advertisement. By taking the ten minutes to type up your event and post it on free press release submission sites, you are increasing your exposure and the chances of a better outcome for your event.

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