Using Press Release Sites

Its old news that creating a buzz around an event helps increase its popularity. From blogs to social networking, companies have been taking advantage of the internet as a way to generate that excitement. However, other forms of media ought not to be forgotten. Releasing a press release can be a great way to make information about an event available not only to internet users but to newspapers, television news stations, and radio shows. And the easiest way to distribute a press release is through press release sites.

In the years before the internet took over the world, a press release involved typing and mailing multiple releases to newspapers, television stations, and radio stations. Today, free online press release sites exist to do the work for you. Submission to free press release services often yields both an online press release as well as distribution to other sources.

Using online press release distribution service carries a few distinct advantages. For one, submitted press releases are indexed by search engines, making them more visible to journalists and others who may be interested. This carries the added bonus of potentially increasing search engine rankings. The algorithm that determines where a website is ranked on a search engine result page looks for instances of content like press releases, articles, and blog posts, so having a press release indexed can improve your chances of making the first result page.

Press release distribution services are also notoriously well connected. Press releases submitted to an online press release distribution service stand a better chance of being seen by distribution partners who could be helpful or important. The sheer number of partners who are likely to see an online press release is infinitely larger than the number of journalists who are likely to see a press release distributed manually. Press releases that are seen by more people are more likely to appear on high quality news sites and on sites related to your industry. Press release sites also often include tracking tools, allowing businesses to follow their successes.

Though some press release sites require subscriptions, there are freee press release sites available to businesses looking to distribute news of their successes and events on a budget. Regardless of the cost, press release websites are too useful to not be taken advantage of. They represent one great way to generate buzz in today’s online community.

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