Use Press Releases to Boost Visibility and Expand

List of free press release sites

In 1906, Ivy Lee created the first modern press releases to cover the Atlantic City Train Wreck of that same year. Nowadays, free press release services can be used to get the word out about all kinds of stories. While some might use them to publish news developments, businesses could use free press release submission sites in order to advertise their awards or developments to their product list. As a result, press releases have become a major part of the media world today.

For the most part, press releases are used as a branding tool and help customers gain trust in either a company or specific product. Plus, free press release websites can be quite helpful because they help businesses gain more media exposure. When it comes to attracting new customers and expanding, exposure and visibility are a must, so regularly releasing press releases is a good idea. As a result, free press release websites are a great tool for businesses looking to build a larger, and more loyal, customer base.

Early press releases might have only been seen in newspapers and in other printed forms, perhaps even in the mail. However, today, they can come in all kinds of different formats. Quite often, they are combined with Video News Releases, or VNRs, to earn as much visibility as possible. The advantages to videos are that, for one, they are a lot more entertaining and interesting than print and, perhaps more importantly, they can be posted on social media sites and YouTube. That will improve visibility and help make press releases a great tool for businesses looking to grow.

On top of that, perhaps the most valuable development when it comes to press releases is that they can include a link to the company website to help establish a stronger web presence. Lots of consumers might read press releases but not be inspired to actually visit a company, or even go to the website if there is no link provided. But the free press release websites will include links to company websites that help consumers find more information and maybe even make a purchase.

All things considered, there are lots of different mediums that businesses can use to share information about themselves and build visibility. While some might focus on developing a comprehensive social media campaign, others will want to share press releases with both potential and current customers. No matter the strategy, finding ways to boost visibility is a must for expanding businesses.

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