Do You Need a Press Release? Don’t Worry, You Can Get Some Help, and For Free!

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A press release is defined as a recorded or written communication that is specifically directed at members of news media for the express purpose of announcing something that is newsworthy. Usually they are emailed, faxed, or sent via traditional snail mail to assignment editors working for magazines, newspapers, television networks and stations, and radio stations.

Normally, the prospect of a press release, media release, video release, press statement, or news release is met with resistance. This is because usually the media spins any sort of release in a negative light or focuses on something that maybe wasn’t the intention of the release.

However, if you have some kind of event press release, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to find a free online press release sit, and that can help you put out a free press release that might be less detrimental to you. Finding the best free press release sites might be difficult, but the first step is just getting started!

Just a quick Google search will pop up a list of press release sites, and you can update your Public Relations or PR news right then and there. Some of these free press release submission sites will even give you guides or forms to follow to make it easier for you to release exactly what you want, and these are going to be the best free press release sites because they offer many options and useful tools for you.

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